About Me

Hey guys… my name is Kevin, I’m 32 years old, born and raised in a very small town in the center of New York State. The ultimate passion in my life is the adventure, thrill, and experience of traveling.

Luckily I’ve had the opportunity to travel the globe exploring the world’s major cities, absorbing unique cultural moments, hiking through beautiful remote areas, and occasionally getting into a little trouble. I just finished my graduate degree in marine biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ten years to the day after graduating undergrad from a tiny science and technology college in Southern California. In between educational endeavors my occupations have been DNA chemist, director of residential assistants, drug testing specimen collection agent, bartender, medical researcher, and Captain Nemo.

I’m the product of wonderfully loving family (with one lovely sister and a very artistic brother), raised on small town values and forged into adulthood via the Los Angeles big city crucible.  I’ve definitely made my share of mistakes over the course of my life, but never the same one twice (thankfully).

Currently I’m deciding where to plant my feet for the next stage of my life while doing some very exciting project-oriented travel writing. I’m not shy, don’t believe in a closed mind, can’t give up when my heart is set, and haven’t yet experienced love at first sight.

What I definitely am… is a hopeful romantic! At some point I’m going to find the partner to share my life with and have a family. This journey is a chance for me to put myself out there and seriously give the traditional “date” the fair shake it deserves.

I could go on about favorite movies, near death experiences, embarrassing law enforcement trauma, earthquake survival tips, or oenophilic banter… but then we wouldn’t have as much to talk about!

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