This Map shows the Exact 30 Dates Route from October 2010

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October 1st:       New York City, New York
October 2nd:     Baltimore, Maryland
October 3rd:      Washington D.C.
October 4th:      Roanoke, Virginia
October 5th:      Knoxville, Tennessee
October 6th:      Greenville, South Carolina
October 7th:      Atlanta, Georgia
October 8th:      Birmingham, Alabama
October 9th:      Pensacola, Florida
October 10th:    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
October 11th:     Houston, Texas
October 12th:     Ft. Worth, Texas
October 13th:     Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
October 14th:     Wichita, Kansas
October 15th:     Edgar, Nebraska
October 16th:     Denver, Colorado
October 17th:     Laramie, Wyoming
October 18th:     Salt Lake City, Utah
October 19th:     Boise, Idaho
October 20th:     La Grande, Oregon
October 21st:      Spokane, Washington
October 22nd:    Missoula, Montana
October 23rd:     Billings, Montana
October 24th:     Fargo, North Dakota
October 25th:     Minneapolis, Minnesota
October 26th:     Milwaukee, Wisconsin
October 27th:     Chicago, Illinois
October 28th:     Detroit, Michigan
October 29th:     Cleveland, Ohio
October 30th:     Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 31st:      Beijing, China

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